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The Digital Mindset – Have you got what it takes?

The Digital Mindset – Have you got what it takes?

I’ve met plenty of business owners, some of them have great ideas for their business, they know where they are and where they want to be. The only issue is that the majority don’t quite know how to translate that strategy into the digital realm. Now I’m not saying that all business owners don’t have the digital mindset, I have met plenty that do….. The issue arises when you think you have it but don’t.

Facebook Post Will Solve it
Yay, we are digital now

No, Jeff, It’s not. The business is about as digital as a wheelbarrow #Callback #SeeWhatIDidThere

The underlying issue always results in strategy. Business owners usually have a great mindset for understanding strategy, but how can you build one of your own without having an understanding of the components and tools that are available.

SEO, PPC, Affiliate, Content, Shopping, Links, Digital PR, Keywords, Social, Audiences, Databases, E-mails. The list goes on and on. Without knowing how they work, how you can build a strategy for your business?

It's all about asking the right questions

Hahaha Pay-Per-Clip... Genius

Without knowing the right questions to ask, your digital strategy won’t work and your efforts can cost a fortune.

Some business owners are switched on and jumped on the digital hype as soon as it was a thing, but many were so focused on running and growing there business in the good old days that digital has caught them by surprise. 

This isn’t me suggesting all business owners hire an agency immediately, Some times this is a bad move commercially. The small business’s barely scraping by could cripple themselves before the ROI starts rolling in.

My point is that if you genuinely understand digital, that’s incredible, use your knowledge to put in a strategy. If you don’t then invest in training or an agency to help you. The digital seas can be unforgiving and tough to navigate, If you substitute a compass for your ego you don’t stand a chance.

We are big supporters of local businesses and if you do find yourself in the category mentioned above (can’t afford digital) feel free to get in touch. Qwerty may not do the work for you but we are more than happy to give you a little guidance and support.

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