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Need Help Creating Unique Content On E-Commerce Products?

Any type of e-commerce website generally uses the data from the supplier, so its very difficult to stand out as you and your competitors practically have the exact same product content. Google can’t use this content as a ranking factor in many cases because your all identical so it then has to resort to other metrics. By re-writing some of this content and adding unique content to each page, in most cases positively effects your reach for keywords and product search terms

This can be extremely time consuming, especially when you have thousands of sku’s but over the years we have developed methods to complete this task much more efficiently, without sacrificing good, user friendly content.

Disclaimer: at no point do we use online content spinners as these disrupt sentences from the user perspective. What you gain in “fresh unique content” you lose in customer journey. I would strongly advise against these. All content enrichment carried out by Qwerty is done with care and we personally build the content and all variants on site.

The other benefit we have seen to using this method is for refreshing content. Its very easy in the e-commerce world for a thousands of product pages to go 12 months without being updated and slowly fall off googles radar. By implementing these large scale content updates Google is forced to re-index your pages and recognise the changes.

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