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Migrating Your E-commerce Website to Magento 2?

So your an E-commerce store that has decided to migrate to Magento 2? Though a wise decision there can be many painful aspects to migrating that amount of data. There are various tools available and development tricks that can ease this in certain circumstances but I have heard mixed reviews on effectiveness. Some people really rave about them, whilst others had marginal to no success so just be sure to look into it before passing over any money.

So how can we help?

Qwerty offers a number of bespoke services that could make your move to magento 2 and subsequent management of your products easier.

Magento 2 Migration Support

Who you gonna call?, On hand support to discuss issues you face and advise how the problems can be fixed and where desired we can do the fixing. We can help you build a strategy and timeline. We can even support your developer with the data aspect hopefully reducing the overall cost.

Magento 2 Product Uploader/Manager

Uploading 1000 products into magento can be tough, if they have images it’s even tougher. If they have different attribute sets and values… well, manual it is. We have a way around this. Over the years we have developed a number of excel spreadsheets that help businesses easily upload new products and changes. Do you want to be able to update stock periodically?, be able to mass upload new products?, mass amend products and attributes easily. I’m sure we could build something to suit your needs.

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