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Paid Advertising

This covers all aspects of paid traffic and engagement. Paying Google for clicks on keywords and shopping campaigns, through to paying for likes, views and shares on social. Many aspects of digital marketing have become pay to play, Once upon a time a well worded, informative piece of content could drive endless amounts of traffic via social and Google rankings, but sadly the amount of content out there and the number of people now paying means that even the greatest posts and articles disappear into the ether. That’s not to say a great piece of content or social posts won’t work, it’s just rare and with each passing day the likelihood of it happening without paid support diminishes. 

We can support your paid journeys in a number of ways.


Especially if your new to paid advertising via social media, Google Adwords or even Bing, Its useful to have support so you don’t accidentally spend your quarterly budget in an hour. (Believe me it happens) A member of the team will be on standby to offer guidance, tips, support and anything else you need us for.


If you have a specific goal or objective you would like to achieve, we can analyse the audiences and keywords so you’re not shooting blind. We can then work with you to build a campaign to help yield the desired results. Whether that’s to increase traffic, distribute content, promoting products, increasing sales etc.

Paid Channel Management (Google Ads, Shopping, Bing)

Have a small team or just wish to outsource your paid channels? We can do this for you, You advise the budgets and goals, we do the rest. We will send reports and keep you in the loop of all progress and make sure we are working to promote your digital strategy. If you don’t currently have a digital strategy we would advise against this option. Without a clear digital strategy in place, paid means can be costly and fruitless. Qwerty can build you a strategy that includes all of your paid efforts.

Social Media Management & Strategy

Can’t think of anything to post or just see your social media profiles as a huge waste of time? In all honesty they can be, It all depends what market you are in and who your target audience is. We can take a look and we will tell you quickly whether we agree. If we don’t then we will help put together a strategy based on what you want to achieve. Then you can either manage it yourself with or without or support or hand over the reins and let us manage it for you.

The Power Of Paid Channels

As mentioned, in recent years the “pay to play” phase has taken over. Establishing a new website, building your brand or even increasing your organic rankings all require exposure and traffic. These can be gained via non-paid methods but often it can cost you more in the time spent with no guarantee it will work. Even most organic channel and SEO experts rely on paid means in the early stages to maximise their effort and ensure all of the great content and technical SEO skills gain traction.

“Your window display may be great, but you have to pay to lift up the shutters”

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